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Top 10 most useful programs. Free must have Software for every Computer.

List with 10 Software solutions that must be installed on every Computer. Of course it’s difficult to determine which Software is needed on every Computer because everyone has different requirements on a Computer. This list contains Software which is needed by default on every Computer despite of its use requirements. All Programs below are Freely… Read More »

Access ThePirateBay Anonymous in Any Country

After several failed attempts to shut down one of the Worlds largest torrent websites ThePirateBay many of Anti-Piracy Business Organisations trying to trace ThePirateBay’s users via IP address and scare the people with high bills and other lawyer relevant methods. Among others ThePirateBay was censored in several Countries of the World and is now accessible… Read More »

Learn How to Install and use Hotspot Shield VPN Software

If you are curious about the Hotspot Shield and what it does, then read this short explanation. This gives Answers for some Frequently asked questions about this Software. What is Hotspot Shield? This is a Software that let you surf the Internet via VPN. Hotspot Shield requires no manual setup, it does all the steps… Read More »

Learn how to Download really EVERY video or save a video stream

There are many ways to manage that, here are some of them. We start with the most comfortable but not sure methods and end with the most primitive but really smooth working method. 1. The Most easy way to Download a Video from a Video Sharing website is to Use the jDownloader. jDownloader is Freeware… Read More »