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Disable or Move Virtual Memory a.k.a Pagefile to another Hard Drive

Since version 7 Windows does not allow to completely disable virtual Memory. The pagefile will be created after next reboot as long free space is available on HDD. First of all, some questions. Is there a reason to disable Virtual Memory? No, there is really no reason to do that. It does not improve the… Read More »

How to Delete Rename and Move Windows Protected files

In some special cases the user need to delete a protected file. Protected files are files and folder protected by Windows Operative system. There are many reasons to protect a file from being edited or removed. The most common reason to protect files on hard drive is; To protect the user from mess up their… Read More »

Recover Windows Administrator password in three steps.

Learn how to recover windows password for Administrator or any another Windows user account. This is a sure working method to Recover Windows password without user account or admin rights. The Article below explains you how to crack Windows password by using brute force. This is not just an explanation how to bypass Windows login… Read More »