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Install PHP suhosin Security Patch on Linux CentOS 6.x – For Dummies

Simple steps to perform an installation of suhosin PHP security patch on Linux CentOS 6.x. 32Bit and 64Bit.       Login your Server SSH as “Root”.   Note: Before starting the installation process, make sure “php-devel” is installed.   Otherwise, run command:   yum install php-devel -y       Give these commands:  … Read More »

Simple and Effective PHP Geo Targeting Script

PHP Geo Targeting Script Free without MYSQL. This Script can deliver contents depending on Country of the visitor. This Script is not suitable for Fine Tuning of Delivering. Unlike in Adserver this script will serve different content based on visitor’s Country. Only one set of Content is adjustable for a Country, no limiting of impressions… Read More »

Generate website images dynamically using PHP and base64 encoding.

This has some Advantages like; Better load Time of the Website because less requests, there are practically no more requests for images while loading the website. Avoid the problem with “unsecure images” caused by SSL. This will Solve the “Leverage browser caching” problem. This also helps to resolve the problem with “cache expiration” for images,… Read More »