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Solve Rapidshare problem “File owner’s public traffic exhausted”.

How to solve the problem with the message “Download not available” – “File owners public traffic exhausted.” A New problem is currently annoying the people who want to download files from Rapidshare filehoster. To Demotivate the Online Piracy, Rapidshare have limited the traffic limits for every file to 30Gb per file. This means; The file… Read More »

Compress and Extract *.tar *.gz and *.tar.gz archives using command line (SSH)

Compress and Extract Tar archive using command line. To compress a folder with tar.gz use follow SSH command: GZIP=-9 tar cvzf /path/to/output/compressedfolder.tar.gz /path/to/folder/to/compress A Complette backup command for a website folder looks like this: GZIP=-9 tar cvzf /home/backupfiles/google.tar.gz /home/ The folder “public_html” gets compressed and saved in folder “backupfiles” as google.tar.gz file. If the server… Read More »