Delete Log of WordPress Bad Behavior Plugin

Clear all logged IP addresses from WP-Bad Behavior plugin. Empty log of Bad Behavior plugin for WordPress.

In regular case, Bad Behavior flushes the log file after 7 Days by shedule. If your log file inflates very fast, it’s a good idea to disable “Verbose HTTP request logging”.

It’s a Good idea to keep “Normal HTTP request logging” enabled. This will cache all known bad bots inside MYSQL Database, so the plugin do not need to connect to a blacklist database when the same bad bot visit the website again.

If you wish to keep the log file empty choose the “Do not log HTTP requests” option.

All logged information is stored inside MYSQL database. You need to edit MYSQL database in order to flush all logged information.

To edit a MYSQL database use phpmyadmin control panel. If you use cPanel then you should have a phpmyadmin version already installed on

server. If you are using any another Web server Control panel, then you maybe need to install phpmyadmin manually. Download phpmyadmin.
Access phpmyadmin.

Watch out for an Icon like this:

You may access phpmyadmin panel directly by giving this address in your browser navigation bar:

Clear Bad Behavior Log file.

1) Login phpmyadmin.

2) Go to database of your WordPress application.

3) Search for a database table which name ends with “_bad_behavior”. Usual name “wp_bad_behavior”.

4) Click “Empty” link beside of “wp_bad_behavior”.

5) Confirm “TRUNCATE wp_bad_behavior” with “ok”.

Now all IP addresses logged by WP-Bad Behavior Plugin are removed.


To make this procedure faster or if you use a restricted phpmyadmin version without “empty” button you can do so:

1) Login phpmyadmin.

2) Choose Database of your WordPress installation.

3) Click on “Query” button above.

4) Execute SQL query on database: “TRUNCATE TABLE wp_bad_behavior;”


It’s a Good idea, always to Backup MYSQL Database before making any changes.

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