Google Fiber – Internet service provider with 1000 Mbps Connection

Google lauches a New Generation of Internet service provider.

The New service is named “Google Fiber” and offers currently threee different Plans.

Gigabit + TV plan provides you a 1 Gigabit Internet connection and a Large amount of TV Channels in High-definition Quality also known as High-definition television (HDTV).

Gigabit + TV costs you Monthly 120 Dollars + 300 Dollars Setup Fee. You can also sign-up for a 24 Months contract to save the setup fees of 300 Dollars.

As a small Extra you will get the new Google Tablet PC “Nexus 7” for Free and a TV Box. The TV Box comes with an Integrated 2TB Hard Drive and recording feature for up to 500 Hours Capacity which can Record Eight TV Channels at same Time to watch these later (Time shifting Feature).

Gigabit Internet plan offers you a 1000 Mbps Internet Connection for 70 Dollars for a Month and a One Time Fee of 300 Dollars. Also here the Construction fee of 300 Dollars can be avoided if you sign-up for a Contract for 24 Months.

Free Plan from Google Fiber costs you only One Time Fee of 300 Dollars that you can Pay Immediately or delayed 25 Dollars Monthly for 12 Months.

Google Fiber Free Internet plan is rentable only for long term usage due to inconvenient price-performance ratio.

What is the Catch on a Free Internet plan? The Bandwidth of Free Google Fiber plan is limited to 5 Mbps for Downloads and 1 Mbps for Uploads.

After you have Paid the fee of 300 Dollars you can use your Free Internet Connection for Unlimited amount of Time.

Google announced the Start to cover the 50 Percents of all US Cities until mid. 2013. Google Fiber Service is currently covering only the Kansas City.

How to get the Google Fiber internet?

To Obtain the Google Fiber Internet connection you and the neighbors in your Home or Street need to Fill the Pre-Registering form by 9th September and pay a deposit of 10 Dollars.

Google Fiber Pre-Registering Application

Visual Explanation How Google Fiber works

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