Remove ‘test’ Table from MYSQL Database Installation

Automatically created database named ‘test’ can be removed from existing MYSQL installation to ensure more security while using Database.

Test Table on MYSQL Database is created for testing purposes and is accessible by Anonymous users or users without read/write permissions.

For enterprise servers it’s always a good idea to remove ‘test’ database and ‘anonymous’ MYSQL user from existing Database installation to avoid any kind of server penetration.
Be carefull! Do not delete ‘Anonymous user’ or ‘test’ database using ‘phpmyadmin’ administration panel for MYSQL database!

This can mess up your MYSQL Database.

It’s Generally a good idea to secure MYSQL Database after installation.
After MYSQL Database and all dependencies are installed, execute this command via SSH Command shell:


Follow further instructions on the screen to complete the securing of MYSQL.

This is highly recommended to use this command on a new (fresh) installation rather than on existing Database.

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