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Fix Joomla 3.0 Installation error “Creating database tables”

Fix error when Joomla installation stops in stage “Creating database tables”.       During a new installation of Joomla 3.0 CMS user may get a problem during “Creating database tables” process.     There are two common reasons to get this error.     1) PHP Execution Time is limited to 30 Seconds.  … Read More »

Remove ‘test’ Table from MYSQL Database Installation

Automatically created database named ‘test’ can be removed from existing MYSQL installation to ensure more security while using Database. Test Table on MYSQL Database is created for testing purposes and is accessible by Anonymous users or users without read/write permissions. For enterprise servers it’s always a good idea to remove ‘test’ database and ‘anonymous’ MYSQL… Read More »

WordPress update causes an error (Failed to update Database) Learn how to Fix it

Some people claiming to get an error after their blog was updated the a newer WordPress version. After installing (uploading) the new WordPress version a message appears “Database Update Required” this causes a Loop so that the user can update the Blog many times and go back to the same step. Or the User will… Read More »