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Repair Corrupted and Undetectable USB Flash Drive

How to repair unreadable USB Flash Drive when Windows cannot recognize the USB Drive (Please insert a disk into Removable Disk). For a variety of reasons, a USB Flash Drive can get damaged and become undetectable by Windows or any other OS. If a USB memory stick is no more accessible by the actual operating… Read More »

How to effectively block Semalt referrer spam

Blocking Referrer spam from the questionable SEO tool named Semalt.com Earlier this year I discovered a lot of entries in my visitors counter statistics which indicated that i’ve got many visitors from domain Semalt.com. After a deeper research I discovered that the visitors from Semalt.com are no real visitors it’s just some kind of ping,… Read More »

How to Install COMODO SSL Certificate for Webmin / Virtualmin

Learn how to properly install COMODO SSL Certificate for website managed via Webmin or Virtualmin control panel. This Setup instruction works on Webmin and Virtualmin but also on any other web hosting control panel requiring a SSL Certificate Chain. This Guide will help you to add an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate for a website… Read More »

Block Google Analytics from Loading to your Computer

Prevent Google Analytics tracker from slowing down your browsing experience and enhance your online privacy.   What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a widely used statistics collection tool used by millions of websites. From small Private Homepages to Huge Enterprise websites – Google Analytics is one of the most common used scripts on the… Read More »