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Repair corrupted Windows JavaScript by Clean Reinstall

How to Repair JavaScript installation error on Windows by Performing a Clean installation of Java runtime.   The Problem. Sometimes a JavaScript runtime installation on Windows gets corrupted. In some cases the new installation cannot be installed because there is an old installation of Java already present. The problem begins when the old Java installation… Read More »

How to Install COMODO SSL Certificate for Webmin / Virtualmin

Learn how to properly install COMODO SSL Certificate for website managed via Webmin or Virtualmin control panel. This Setup instruction works on Webmin and Virtualmin but also on any other web hosting control panel requiring a SSL Certificate Chain. This Guide will help you to add an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate for a website… Read More »

Fix Joomla 3.0 Installation error “Creating database tables”

Fix error when Joomla installation stops in stage “Creating database tables”.       During a new installation of Joomla 3.0 CMS user may get a problem during “Creating database tables” process.     There are two common reasons to get this error.     1) PHP Execution Time is limited to 30 Seconds.  … Read More »

Install PHP suhosin Security Patch on Linux CentOS 6.x – For Dummies

Simple steps to perform an installation of suhosin PHP security patch on Linux CentOS 6.x. 32Bit and 64Bit.       Login your Server SSH as “Root”.   Note: Before starting the installation process, make sure “php-devel” is installed.   Otherwise, run command:   yum install php-devel -y       Give these commands:  … Read More »