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Repair Corrupted and Undetectable USB Flash Drive

How to repair unreadable USB Flash Drive when Windows cannot recognize the USB Drive (Please insert a disk into Removable Disk). For a variety of reasons, a USB Flash Drive can get damaged and become undetectable by Windows or any other OS. If a USB memory stick is no more accessible by the actual operating… Read More »

Repair corrupted Windows JavaScript by Clean Reinstall

How to Repair JavaScript installation error on Windows by Performing a Clean installation of Java runtime.   The Problem. Sometimes a JavaScript runtime installation on Windows gets corrupted. In some cases the new installation cannot be installed because there is an old installation of Java already present. The problem begins when the old Java installation… Read More »

Fix Adobe Player Crashes after update 2012

Many Adobe users have noticed the Adobe Flash Player Crashes very instantly in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Since this is not a problem with the Computer itself. What really may help is to jump to another (higher) version of Adobe flash player. Go to Adobe Player Laboratories and download the next version of player.… Read More »